It is recommended to eat fish three times a week as it is packed full of different nutrients - healthy fats and carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals. Fish has historically been a staple in Finland, which has a long coastline and plenty of lakes and rivers. Thus, many popular food items in Finland are fish-centric. One of the more historic ways of preparing fish is the age-old tradition of Loimukala or Loimulohi, which translates to Flame Grilled Fish or Flame Grilled Salmon, respectively and involves roasting fish by an open fire. In addition to Finland, Flame Grilled Fish is becoming increasingly popular in broader Scandinavia and Central-Europe, where it has become a sought-after street-food at packed fairs and Christmas markets. Preparing Flame Grilled Fish is an exciting process, in tune with nature. It can be savored year-round, which makes it an appetizing social activity, best enjoyed in the garden, cottage or outdoors.

Flame Grilled Fish is prepared by attaching a pre-seasoned fillet on a wooden board or plank, which is then secured next to the fire to let the fish cook low and slow. Usually it takes 45-60 min to cook the fish, but the size of the fillet and the intensity of the fire will greatly affect the cooking time.  The cooking angle is optimal when the closest part of the flame is no closer to the fish than 15-20 cm. A perfect fire should allow one to hold their hand between the flame and the fish for 7-10 seconds. Most dry hardwood is suitable for starting the fire, especially Alder and Aspen. Using softwood should be avoided as it can turn the fish bitter.

Fish with a high fat content, like Salmon, Trout and Whitefish are best for cooking Flame Grilled Fish. Roasting fish over a fire yields a more unique taste and a juicier, more tender texture compared to cooking fish in an oven or smoker. Fish cooked on a wooden board is ready to be served as is and looks incredibly appetizing on the dining table. There are many ways of seasoning the fish, ranging from just salt and pepper to Asian spices and brown sugar. However, overwhelming the fish with seasonings should be avoided as the fish is already naturally tender and its taste can fade when overseasoned. Remember, You can always add more after cooking, but You cannot undo the seasoning. As a side dish, we recommend fresh salads, herb-crusted potatoes,  stir-fried vegetables, toasted buns and yogurt-dill sauce. 

The board needed for cooking can be made by oneself and there are different methods for attaching the fish to the board, but adjusting while cooking will be significantly trickier and in the worst case the fish may fall off into the fire and burn. Using custom made Grill Boards makes the whole process more enjoyable and intuitive. The design of the Board takes into account details that may go unnoticed with a DIY project, such as having different attachment options, being able to adjust the cooking angle and making sure it is crafted from fire-safe materials. Positioning and adjusting the Board is essential for delivering a juicy and tasty result. If the fish is positioned too close to the fire, its outer surface will burn before the fish is fully cooked. If the board is positioned too far, the fish will be overcooked once it's safe to eat and the resulting dish will be dry and bland.    

A high-quality Salmon Grill Board Set is a wonderful gift idea for anyone who likes grilling, farm-to-table cooking and discovering new and exciting flavors. You can find everything needed to get going from our website, including supplies and tips and tricks for preparing this amazing and delicate dish. Bon Appétit!